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The economic impact of U.S. subsidiaries of global companies investing in the American economy


Employ 6.1 million Americans, or 5.2 percent of private sector employment.  

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Support an annual payroll of $488 billion, paying U.S. workers an average of $79,979 - more than 33 percent higher than the economy-wide average.


Add $836 billion in value added to the U.S. economy, or 6.4 percent of private sector GDP.

Manufacturing Workforce

Provide nearly 2.3 million manufacturing jobs, accounting for over 18 percent of America's manufacturing workforce.

Manufacturing Payroll

Pay an average salary of $85,807 to employees in the manufacturing sector, higher than the nation-wide manufacturing average of $76,863.


Produce over 23 percent of U.S. exports, providing $360 billion in American goods annually to customers around the world.


Pay 16 percent of U.S. federal corporate income taxes.
Source: IRS

Research & Development

Spend $53 billion annually on U.S. research and development activities, or over 16.4 percent of all R&D performed by U.S. companies.

Reinvested Earnings

Reinvested a record high of $100 billion of their earnings into their U.S. operations.

Capital Investment

Invest an annual $232 billion on new property, plant construction and equipment, accounting for 10 percent of all non-residential capital investment made in the United States.

Supply Chain

Purchase goods and services worth hundreds of billions of dollars every year from local suppliers and small businesses across the United States. 


Employ a higher percentage of union workers than the national average. 12.4 percent of employees at U.S. subsidiaries are covered by a union collective bargaining agreement, compared to 8.2 percent at all U.S. businesses.
Source: BEA November 2009 

Industry Footprint

Employ approximately 41 percent of the U.S. motor vehicle and parts industry, 41 percent of the U.S. chemicals industry, and 33 percent of the U.S. nonmetallic mineral products industry.


All statistics unless otherwise noted are the latest data from the Department of Commerce's Bureau of Economic Analysis released November 2014 regarding the U.S. subsidiaries of internationally-headquartered companies.  They are compiled by Content First, LLC for the Organization for International Investment.