Benefits of Membership

When you become a member of the Organization for International Investment (OFII), you become part of an exclusive organization representing the unique interests of U.S. subsidiaries of companies headquartered abroad -- or “Insourcing” companies. Membership is exclusive to these Insourcing companies and OFII is the only organization dedicated to educating policy makers and the public about the positive role Insourcing companies play in the American economy. 

OFII has a three-part mandate:

EDUCATE the public and policy makers about the positive role U.S. subsidiaries play in the American economy.
OFII works to educate policy makers and the public about the important contributions U.S. subsidiaries make to the American economy. OFII is a clearinghouse for statistical information (both government and private data) on the role of international investment in the United States. OFII frequently commissions its own reports to help highlight U.S. subsidiaries' benefits.

ADVOCATE to ensure that U.S. subsidiaries are not discriminated against in state or federal law.
When U.S. subsidiaries are under threat in the U.S. legislative or regulatory process, OFII is an aggressive and effective advocate for fair, non-discriminatory treatment. With over 160 member companies, OFII has a constituent relationship with nearly every politician in America. OFII's efforts to ensure non-discriminatory treatment for U.S. subsidiaries rely on a number of activities:

  • Monitoring: OFII's staff and team of experts closely tracks policy and political developments of importance to U.S. subsidiaries;
  • Reporting: OFII informs members about issues that may affect their U.S. operations. This timely and thorough information helps member companies understand the impact of a particular policy proposal on their business.
  • Lobbying: When an issue is targeted for OFII action, a strategy is developed and carried out for modifying the legislative and/or regulatory proposals. 

PROVIDE peer-to-peer forums on issues unique to U.S. subsidiaries.
Even though participants represent companies in a variety of industries, senior executives gain worthwhile insight from talking with colleagues about their distinct responsibilities at U.S. subsidiaries. These conferences also help OFII to focus on issues identified in these discussions as most critical to the business of our member companies. Learn about our executive engagement here.

OFII Membership:

As mentioned above, OFII works with tax professionals, CFOs, General Counsel and government affairs executives at member companies on areas of unique interest to US subsidiaries. We hold a variety of forums for these executives to hear from experts and share best practices with peers on common challenges to the inbound community. Beyond over 60 meetings and events per year, we have significant analysis and intelligence available only to members on topics of importance. 

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Aaron Brickman
Senior Vice President, Strategy & Development