CFO Survey

The Inbound Investment Survey provides keen insights from chief financial officers (CFOs) of globally-headquartered companies on the health of the U.S. business climate for inbound investment.  These executives, who are responsible for evaluating the strength of our economy and determining when and where to invest their company’s resources, offer a unique perspective on U.S. competitiveness.

Printable version: Inbound Investment Survey, November 2017

According to the November 2017 survey, more than 40 percent of inbound chief financial officers (CFOs) now believe the “U.S. business climate for foreign-based companies” is “getting worse." This level of pessimism is now the highest it's been since 2010.

More than 80 percent of CFOs say that the U.S. corporate income tax system “has made the United States a less attractive place to invest.”

While more CFOs are expecting employment gains than in June 2017, the number expecting decreases has more than doubled, from seven to 15 percent.

In their own words, CFOs describe the U.S. business climate as "volatile, loaded with uncertainty on too many fronts."


About the Survey
The CFO Inbound Investment Survey was distributed to approximately 200 CFOs of U.S. subsidiaries of foreign companies in September 2017.  Surveys were due by October 27.  OFII received 65 complete responses and the results presented are based on these responses only.

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